While in Edinburgh, I visited the Royal Mile, Old Town, and spotted the sights where JK Rowling is speculated to have drawn inspiration from for the Harry Potter books.

Both perfectly overcast and small enough not get lost in with professional bagpipe players populating every street corner, Edinburgh indeed had a certain magic to it.

Arthur’s Seat

Located at the end of the Royal Mile, I started to climb up Arthur’s Seat, the remains of an extinct volcano that last erupted 350 million years ago. Some claims say Arthur’s Seat may have been where King Arthur’s legendary castle in Camelot was located whereas others say the name stems from Gaelic to mean “height of Arrows” that may have evolved into Archer’s seat then Arthur’s Seat.

There was a single dirt trail that gradually increased in incline until I reached Arthur’s Seat. It was the same path that led the descent back down. At its highest point, I saw Edinburgh Castle and ultimately a panoramic view of Edinburgh. The winds caught high speeds at Arthur’s Seat, but since it was the summer in Scotland, the temperature was in the 50s-60s.