Landing in Amsterdam, I was surprised to learn that navigating was reasonably straightforward. I knew what to do, and getting lost was a thing of the past.

I boarded a canal cruise in which I saw the 400-year-old canals of Amsterdam (of which there are 165 canals total that cover about 100 km). I learned that the canals were constructed in the Golden Age since the area was mainly swamps. The area was hazardous to live in due to floods, so residents constructed built the Dam and other barriers. Finally, the ring canals were constructed in the 15th century in the Golden Age so the swamps.

I also got to stop by and eat their famous dutch pancakes (and fries)! But, to do something out of the ordinary, I bought a ticket for the Amsterdam Dungeon.

The Amsterdam Dungeon provided a fun way to learn about a city’s dark past. The guide took the group through a series of rooms where strangely horrifying characters exhibited what it would be like in that time in history for that city in a scarily fun manner.