In June my cousin, Matt, met me in Spain to travel around countries in Western Europe. So after taking finals and moving out, I took a 14-hour FlixBus stretching from the early evening of June 4th to the morning of June 5th to take me from Clermont-Ferrand, France to Lyon, France, then from Lyon, France to Barcelona, Spain. I was so tired that I forgot my S’well Water Bottle on the bus. RIP. 

From there, I followed Google Map’s walking directions to the city center (Plaça de Catalunya), where my cousin’s airport shuttle bus would drop him off in the evening. To pass the time, I took my time getting there and exploring the center but often stopped so that I could have a break from the backpack on my shoulders.

From the get-go, we were off to a rough start. The next day when we walked close to 20 miles (primarily because we got lost), my left foot acquired a stabbing pain for the first two weeks of June to the point where I’d gotten crutches. Not the best look to be sporting as a tourist. 

Takeaways from the above experience

  • Invest in good shoes
  • Don’t walk so much
  • Take a free walking tour where you can decide what you pay, explore a city in a group setting, and not get lost for a few hours (bonus: now, you’ll know how to get around)
  • It’s probably worth it to spend more money on closer accommodation
  • Random note related to the picture below: pay attention to the prices because the prices at the market we went to were incredulously high

Unlike the other places we visited throughout June, our experience in Barcelona was tainted by foot pain and consequences of other travel mishaps. Therefore, I don’t think we were able to fully appreciate Barcelona. Nonetheless, Barcelona was a beautiful place with amazing beaches, architecture, and sights to see.