Today, I learned from tiny humans. Even though I’ve been a part of Model United Nations for the bulk of this first semester, I didn’t have the first clue about pretty much anything. Now, I (at least) think I do.

The Executive Committee put together a Model UN conference for Middle Schoolers where I saw these kids debate, use parliamentary procedure, and caucus with each other. My understanding of Model UN has finally come full circle.

My role as Secretariat Staff allowed me to circulate around during caucusing to help facilitate discussion. But, I think I learned more from the middle schoolers than they did from me. I was surprised at how much the kids didn’t need our guidance.

I’ll be sticking with Model UN because of how we get to learn about how countries interact at the international level and how you are put into situations where you must debate, collaborate, and practice public speaking. I’m excited to see how this year goes.