Learn. Unlearn. Repeat.

Session 2 (Women, LGBTQ + Persons and Minorities Abroad)

  • don’t start a culture war
  • be prepared to be treated like a representative of the US
  • whether a visible or non-visible minority, know resources available to help
  • a group of people or a country is not one glob of preconceived notions
  • be aware that people will have learned history differently from yourself
  • translate essential documents (e.g. prescriptions) into the language of the country you’ll be studying abroad in
  • acknowledge that you won’t enjoy every moment. be aware of that, so that you can do your best to enjoy all the study abroad moments you can

Session 3 (After Undergrad Opportunities: Fulbright and Peace Corps)

The Fulbright program provides for students research, teaching, and higher education grants to increase mutual understanding.

  • follow through with the application process
  • be as specific as possible
  • familiarize yourself with current politics in that host country
  • make connections in that country to make your project feasible
  • think of how you will engage with the community while there and note your plans in your application