Advice from OU’s Diplomat in Residence

  1. “Do the hard stuff”
    • Peace Corps, ROTC, Study Abroad: Immersion Programs
  2. Scoring an internship
    • Paid→ Pathways recruits minorities
    • Unpaid→ Over the summer
  3. Steps to become an FSO (Foreign Service Officer): 1)Written Test 2)Personal Narratives 3)Oral Assessment
    • Prepare early
    • Be a well informed citizen
    • Accumulate experience and skills
    • Strive to improve your character
    • Bottom line: Read. Write.
  4. FSO as a career
    • It’s a lifestyle
    • Everyone does consular work
    • You’re constantly learning
      1. Foreign Service Institute: will pay you to learn languages
    • You represent Americans
  5. Attain high fluency in a language
    • Order of current language recruitment by State Department: 1) Spanish 2)Chinese and Portuguese 3)Arabic and Russian (subject to change)
    • This is the information hub regarding internships, career paths, and advice in the State Department

Kristin Stewart. “The Importance of Language and Culture in the Foreign Service”. The University of Oklahoma. September 6, 2017.